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Hours: Mon-Wed 10-5, Thur 10-6, Fri-Sat 10-5

Quilt As Desired

Educator: Peggy Anderson, Westalee Design In-Store Instructor

This is an extension of the 2023 Rulers Club and the Rulers In A Day classes. We will be learning how to make a quilt design for your quilt top with the beginning Westalee rulers. Bring in a table topper or quilt top you are ready to quilt and make your own quilt plan for it. We will be making a paper design plan you can sew at home. Students need to have a working knowledge of the six beginning Westalee acrylic quilting templates.

Supply List:

  • Finished table topper or small quilt top
  • Pencils with erasers or erasable pens
  • Stitching discs from Westalee rulers and the 6 beginner Westalee acrylic quilting template

Quilt As Desired

$ 25.00