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Peruvian Blooms

In the Peruvian culture, each village has a unique style of detailed clothing that identifies with each region. These styles encompass bright and colorful designs stitched onto clothing such as shawls, skirts and even hats. Using this as inspiration, we created the Peruvian Blooms collection to capture the true Peruvian style. The collection includes 20 unique large designs with graceful flowers and winding leaves. We have also included 16 small isolated designs that can be added to any of your embroidery projects.
These designs can be used for a multitude of projects for home decor or clothing. We designed a stunningly unique bed runner embellished with multi-colored tassels and a decorative trim. We have included a step-by-step tutorial on how to stitch out the designs and create the entire bed runner from start to finish. This bed runner could dually be used as a table runner too! The vibrant colors and detailed embroidery of each design will make any project distinctively different from anything you have ever created before.