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Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18

The new Quilt Maker Pro delivers the next step in your quilt making journey.

Step up to longarm quilting and into a new world of possibilities. Janome, the leader in innovative products that have changed the sewing industry, now offers a long arm format sewing and quilting machine to round out the passionate quilter’s sewing studio.

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  • Customizable Frame Size: Customize size in 4 foot segments - set up at 4’, 8’, and 12’. All of the segments are included standard.

  • Quilting Space: The machine quilting space 9" high and 18" deep. The frame can handle quilt tops up to 11’ wide. Provides ample space, and very good visibility when quilting.

  • Adjustable Handlebars: Adjustable front and rear handlebars with LCD touchscreen.

  • High Speed Quilting: Speeds up to 2,200 stitches per minute. Precision stitching and regulation even at high speeds means you get more quilting done.

  • Laser Light: Rear handlebars include laser light for Pantographs.

  • Convenient Magnetic Strips: Front handlebars include convenient magnetic storage to keep pins and scissors in easy reach.

  • Ultra Bright Lights: Ultrabright LED lights are located in a ring around the needle area and on the back of the magnetic bars on the front handles for superior lighting.

  • USB Updates: The machine is updateable via USB. No need to bring the machine to your dealer for updates.

  • Built-In Thread Stand: Built-in Thread Stand allows ample room for thread cones.

  • Bobbin Winder: Independent Bobbin Winder is a standard accessory. Never run out of full bobbins.

  • Digital Tension Control: The tension dial is located near the needle on the machine. Each movement of the dial is shown with a number on the LCD touchscreen on each set of handlebars (front and rear). This digital indication number takes the guesswork out of tension settings. Use the digital number to make notes on tension settings, and record them for future reference.

  • Digital LCD Touchscreen: Digital LCD Touchscreen is simple to use and provides machine information with easy to view graphics.

  • Timers: Quilting alarm, timers, and stitch counter make it easy to keep track of billing time and stitches for home business projects.

  • Stitch Regulation Modes: Save Stitch Settings: Easily set and save Stitches Per Minute settings for different fabrics and threads.

    • Precision – stitches when you move the machine. You are in complete control of the speed from the handlebars. Great for ruler work.
    • Cruise – this function works like a car idle; when you stop, the machine still has a little motion. Provides a smoother motion for quilters.
    • Manual – No stitch regulation; the machine runs at the same speed all the time.
  • Low Bobbin Arm: Low Bobbin Alarm allows you to set bobbin alarm for specific threads and capacities so that you never topstitch without thread in the bobbin.